Andre Agassi

Former #1 Singles ATP

"Gabe was a very special part of my formative years and I appreciate all of the attention he gave my game. He took the time to care in an environment that was competitive and fast paced. It is fair to say he has not only added to my game but has truly added to my life."

xavier picture

Xavier Mufraggi

CEO Club Med North America

Let allow yourself in the hand of a master coach who turns young talents in high performers. Perfect for those who look for someone organizing a session with leaders and high potentials.He does not tell you should do this or that. He explains the real attributes of champions and lets you ask yourself what about me as a player, as a leader.


Monica Seles

Former #1 Singles WTA

I have known Gabe since I first came to the USA as a 13-year-old girl and he has helped me so much in my tennis career. His coaching, hard work and dedication always inspired me to do more and to eventually reach my goal of winning a Grand Slam title and be ranked # 1 in the world.


Jim Courrier

Former #1 Singles ATP

"Gabe has always been an innovator in the industry. For example, when I was at Bollettieri's in the 1980's, Gabe introduced us to the periodization method which changed how tennis players organized their training schedules."

ken roberts

Ken Roberts

CEO World City

“Gabe did a great job of transferring from the tennis court to the boardroom – in our case, successful men and women who oversee Latin America for multinational corporations – his strategies for competing and learning, on winning and winners, on discipline and creativity. The conversation flowed freely and was engaging.”

brad gilbert

Brad Gilbert

Former #4 Singles ATP & TV reporter for ESPN

“Gabe has an innate ability to bring out the most in a player’s game. His passion, experience and outstanding technical advice are the key ingredients for turning juniors into pros. There are few who coaches who can contend with Gabe’s level of expertise.”  


Anna Kornikova

Former #8 WTA

The academy was like family to me when I was growing up, and we were all one big team working together to accomplish the same goals. I will always look back on my experiences with a lot of fond memories, and Gabe was definitely a part of this whole experience!”

excel logo

Jeff Schwartz

President and Founder Excel Sport Management

"I've known Gabe for over 17 years and consider him one of the leading tennis coaches in the world. He was always a very important part of my team."


Tommy Haas

Former #2 Singles ATP

“ Gabe has many qualities, his positive coaching style, the ability to manage coaches, the way he uses sparing partners, which he calls it the farm system, and the familiar way Gabe handles the parents is second to none, with these traits he has been able to help many of us. He was an important part of my team.”

emilio sanchez

Emilio Sanchez

Founder and Tennis Director Sanchez Academy and Ex- Professional ATP Player

"Gabe Jaramillo is a great professional, respected, admired and loved by the entire tennis industry. Personally I will always be thankful to him because he opened for me the doors to his house, business and gave me his knowhow to help me start in the difficult world of coaching our sport. I wish him a lot of luck in this new tennis venture."

Jim Loehr

Jim Loehr

Co-Founder, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute & performance psychologist

“Gabriel has more experience in running a world class tennis academy than anyone I know. His knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in the industry.”

ivan molina

Ivan Molina

Former #40 ATP, ITF Team Coach and Colombia Ex-Davis Cup Coach

I have known Gabriel for many years and I can assure that he is a not only a great person, he is also a great Tennis Director and tennis Coach. His professionalism and commitment to tennis is one of his best qualities and that is why I trust him to be involved in any tennis program to be the mentor of more high competitive tennis players.

Eji Mano

Eji Mano

Japan Davis Cup Coach

“ Gabe is a very passionate and professional coach. One who understands what it takes to get to the top. Truly one of the nicest people I've met.”

Dennis Emery

Dennis Emery

Special Assistant/Fundraising

I have known Gabriel Jaramillo for over thrifty years. I have watched him develop some of the best players in the world through a unique combination of hard work, personal attention, and career advice. He is uniquely qualified as the best person in tennis today. In short, he is the best I have seen in player development.

Ramon Simonetti

Ramon Simonetti

Assistant Coach University of North Florida

"Couldn't ask for a better mentor as a coach, the way you work, the passion and energy you have were always an inspiration to me."