It takes a team to make a champion
It takes passion to be an artist

Our Champions on Demand program provides parents, guardians, and coaches the social and emotional training necessary for raising champions for life. We offer a specialized curriculum including online readings, educational videos, and life skills conferences.

With Champions on Demand, your young athlete will be off to a great start with clear guidance to move forward on and off the court. 

Life Skills for Champions

We’ll teach your child essential life skills through sports, the arts, and education, making sure your child grows into a leader at school, in college, and beyond instilling important virtues such as:

Work ethic
Time management
And more!

Six Principles to Develop
Champions on Demand

Our program provides you with six guiding principles to better develop your child’s talent including:

  1. Early Specialization: Help your child find their passion and drive from an early age. 
  2. Volume: Make sure your young athlete’s days are filled with the elements of excellence.
  3. Individuality: Encourage young athletes to develop their personal strengths and interests. 
  4. Repetition: Remind them that practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect. 
  5. Variety: Sharpen their minds and strengths across multiple disciplines. 
  6. Specificity: Teach them to discover and pursue their specific goals step by step. 

Essentials for Success

The Champions on Demand program ensure your young athlete excels by including these essentials for success:


Teach your child to envision their future, dream, and believe.


Provide your child with the framework and discipline necessary for growth.

Quality Coaching:

Provide proper mentorship and training to your young athlete.

Healthy Competition:

Pair your child with peers who can help propel them forward.


Remember to enjoy the process.

With Champions on Demand,
you’ll learn to:

Love your child but allow them to be who they are.

Promote your child’s passion for the sport or arts.

Provide them the encouragement and support they need to succeed.

Teach them accountability and responsibility.

Know your boundaries

Never lose sight of the child within the champion.

Ready to pave the way for your young hero’s journey? 

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