A good coach never delegates a talented player’s process to his assistant, and only he can lead him to be a Champion.


The growth economy is based on:

  1. Raw materials
  2. Energy
  3. Human material

Raw materials depend on the climate on natural resources, and these can be depleted. The energy never runs out, it only transforms, and the capacity of human material is not only inexhaustible, but the future of our species depends on it.

The more we invest in human capacity, the more likely it is to grow. Young people are the future, and they will rule the world, that’s why the best investment we can make is in children, especially in our children. Not only with money and education, even more critical, giving them our time, truly knowing them, becoming coaches, and taking on full responsibility for their training.

I propose sport and art as another cognitive revolution not only to increase the growth of our economies but even more important to combat the social problem that afflicts that 20% of the world population.

Sport teaches cognitive skills such as organization, decision making, problem-solving, interaction skills, leadership, expression, motivation, control, learning to win, and lose. And values like routines, discipline, perseverance, tolerance, trust, respect, and much more.

All human beings manifest underlying feelings or emotions, such as euphoria, affection, optimism, satisfaction, fear, sadness, anger, hatred, indignation, impatience, surprise, fear of failure, etc. Sport brings many benefits to develop emotional intelligence.

Most sports activities require open skills; that is, they depend on the environment, fellow-adversaries, coaches, and spectators. Without a doubt, they are ideal situations to develop the cognitive abilities of children and young people, which will help them the rest of their lives.

Our society limits itself to giving much value to academics, and the rest of the activities are downplayed. Hence many children lose self-esteem at an early age. It is much more important that this child feels confident and motivated to practice, improve, and do what they really enjoy.

Children should start at an early age, and they must specialize in a discipline, a child who plays tennis, soccer, plays the piano, will not be more complete as parents think. At twelve years of age, they realize that they are mediocre and leave the sport; generally, at the age of fifteen, these children derail because they do not have a north.

At the same time the training volume is essential, the more they train, the better they will play, the better they play, the more they will like it, the more they like it, the more they will train, it is a snowball. The training volume is sacred.

A child does not burn due to the volume of training, as stated by the expert clinical psychologists. From experience, I say that they only burn when parents put pressure on them, especially placing a lot of emphasis on results and comparing them with other players.

Sport is the best tool to give children and young people values and principles that will make them Champions on and off the field of play.

There have already been concrete studies where it is determined that 48% of jobs in the United States by 2023 will probably be left to algorithms. Doctors, Pharmacists, Drivers, Paralegals, and many more. From the military and economic point of view, humans can become useless in the face of the labor market’s algorithmic push. So we have to be thinking about the future, for our children to be competent we have to develop their skills at an early age. In addition to the capitalist economic spirit, society recognizes values that emphasize individuality, responsibility, human creativity. Hence the importance of high competition sports.

Homosapiens is the most dominant species in the world because it can accumulate millions of people to work with the same goal. A clear example is China that made that cognitive revolution using sports as one of the basic tools, developing capacities and abilities that can only be achieved at an early age.

The result of the implementation of sports in early education has been undeniably powerful and positive in a society extinguished by communism, and today they are an example of improvement and competition in all fields. Before the Olympic Games of 2008, China was a country that excelled little in sports, today they are a world power, and that desire to excel has led them to be the strongest rival of the United States in all fields.

With high, clear, and defined goals, the most important thing is the discovery, training, and development of talents at a very early age, with specialized people, with proven plans and systems and with everyone committed. Training our children from an early age is the most effective way to stay ahead of the algorithmic job push.

Sport is an essential factor for the growth of the economy, but at the same time, it is one of the most robust solutions to build a base where young people grow up with ambitions, fostering success and rewarding effort.