24 Principles to Grow Talent


By developing the skill, the player enhances the talent to the point where he can trust his instinct allowing to control the environment playing automatically.

1- No scientific formula
2- Athletes desire
3- Strong support system, parents
4- Positive reinforcement   
5- Athletes need to be raised believing in themselves
6- Most young athletes need extra motivation at first
7- Early specialization on the skill
8- Proper environment
9- Good coaching from an early age
10- Individual attention
11- High volume from the start
12- Solid in the three spheres: physical/mental/competition 
13- Clear roadmap, specific goals
14- Organization, putting the plan into action
15- Strong mental attitude  
16- Tournament schedule 
17- Many years of competition
18- Learning from each match
19- Proven consistent results
20- Being honest on their assessment
21- Taking ownership
22- Many years of perfect practices 
23- Continues improvement 
24- Financial resources

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