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The International Coaching Services is a coaching and consultancy company that specializes in tennis programs, training videos, services, and resources developing and implementing solutions to Maximize Results.

Our goal is to achieve superior performance results helping the players, coaches, parents, clubs, businesses, and Federations evolve for the future; leaders and coaches must develop their abilities to successfully plan, execute and obtain extraordinary results through Gabe’s proven systems and methodology.

Gabe has been a pioneer of the game, providing training programs, tools, services, and resources for more than 40  years, and we have worked with leaders and organizations around the world.

ICS is a journey through new perspectives in which you will experiment how you can maximize your personal and professional potential, through the science and art of coaching. Explore how you, your coaches and your club can access the years of experience of one of the most successful coaches. 

Whether you’re looking to develop high potential talent, transition leaders, coaches, into new roles, manage change effectively or enhance program effectiveness, coaching is a proven catalyst to drive students and business performances.

Our adaptable and proven approach to coaching, delivered by our world-class team of experienced coaches, produces measurable and sustainable results that give you a competitive edge.

Our YouTube channel Tennis on Demand has more than 10 million views. We create, produce and distribute highly educational short videos. The influence of these short digital videos is undeniable since these short clips are of high quality and easy to understand. The channel continues growing, and it is shared in popularity around the world.  

Explore ICS’s Coaching Skills Portfolio for a solution that is right for your business coaching needs.


Accelerate your results

When all groups, students, coaches, parents, directors, and management work together focusing on strengths, and common clear goals, the results become extraordinary.


There is a direct correlation between coaching and learning, planning and outcomes. Our content-rich curriculum systematically covers all areas of the big picture.


Be a part of a “TEAM” with hundreds of coaches around the world